I am a professor in the philosophy department at University College London. Most of my work is about language and meaning. You can also find links to a website (in progress) on dynamic semantics and my short and long cv.

This site contains my papers and drafts and information on conferences, workshops and such.


Truthmakers and Language, All Souls College, 15 July 2019

Bayesian Approaches to Pragmatics, UCL, 20-21 September 2018

Meaning as Action, All Souls College, Oxford, 19-20 March 2018

Possibility Calculator, online tool for working with truthmakers, 2017

Context and Variables, All Souls College, Oxford, 13 May 2017

DynSem, Berlin, May 2016


Changing Beliefs, UCL, Term 3, 2021/22

Worlds, Sentences and Measures, UCL, Term 1, 2019/20

Dynamic Semantics, UCL, Term 1, 2019/20

Attitudes, UCL, Term 1, 2018/19

Worlds, Sentences and Measures, UCL, Term 1, 2018/2019

Changing Beliefs, UCL, Term 3, 2017/18

Dynamic semantics and pragmatic alternatives, ESSLLI, Toulouse, 24-28 July 2017 (co-taught with Matt Mandelkern)



Living in a Material World: A Critical Notice of Suppose and Tell by Timothy Williamson (penultimate draft)
(Mind, forthcoming)

A Note on Conditionals and Restrictors (penultimate draft)
(Conditionals, Probability, and Paradox: Themes from the Philosophy of Dorothy Edgington, 2021, John Hawthorne and Lee Walters (eds.), OUP, written in 2012)

Roads to Necessitarianism (penultimate draft)
(with Matt Mandelkern, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 2020)

A Puzzle about Knowing Conditionals (penultimate draft)
(with Levi Spectre, Noûs, 2016, supplementary note)

Conditionals and Propositions in Semantics (penultimate draft)
(Journal of Philosophical Logic, 2015, JPL40: The Fortieth Anniversary Issue)

Capturing the Relationship Between Conditionals and Conditional Probability with a Trivalent Semantics (penultimate draft)
(Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics, 2014)

Do Indicative Conditionals Express Propositions? (penultimate draft)
(Noûs, 2013)

Connectives without Truth Tables (penultimate draft)
(with Nathan Klinedinst, Natural Language Semantics, 2012)


Lockean beliefs, Dutch books, and scoring systems (penultimate draft)
(Erkenntnis, forthcoming)

What it takes to believe
(Philosophical Studies, 2019)

At the Threshold of Knowledge (penultimate draft)
(with Levi Spectre, Philosophical Studies, 2018)

Belief is Weak (penultimate draft)
(with John Hawthorne and Levi Spectre, Philosophical Studies, 2016)


The influence of polarity items on inferential judgments (penultimate draft)
(with Emmanuel Chemla, Milica Denic, and Vincent Homer, Cognition, 2021)

Modularity and Intuitions in Formal Semantics: The Case of Polarity Items (penultimate draft)
(with Emmanuel Chemla and Vincent Homer, Lingustics and Philosophy, 2012)

Non-Monotonic NPI-Licensing, Definite Descriptions, and Grammaticalized Implicatures
(Proceedings of SALT, 2006)


Permissive Updates
(with Stephen Yablo, for book on Kit Fine’s work, forthcoming)

Yablo’s Semantic Machinery (penultimate draft)
(Philosophical Studies, 2017, symposium on Stephen Yablo’s Aboutness)


Definiteness Projection (penultimate draft)
(with Matt Mandelkern, Natural Language Semantics, 2019)

Three Notions of Dynamicness in Language (penultimate draft)
(with Seth Yalcin, Linguistics and Philosophy, 2016)

On the Dynamics of Conversation (penultimate draft)
(with Seth Yalcin, Noûs, 2017)


Independence Day? (penultimate draft)
(with Matt Mandelkern, Journal of Semantics, 2019)

Explaining Presupposition Projection with Dynamic Semantics
(Semantics and Pragmatics, 2011, with corrections of 2015)

Transparency Theory and its Dynamic Alternatives: Commentary on “Be Articulate” (penultimate draft)
(Theoretical Linguistics, 2008)

Presupposition Projection and Logical Equivalence (penultimate draft)
(Philosophical Perspectives, 2008)


A Trivalent Approach to Anaphora and Presupposition
(Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium, 2017, slides)


Game Theory and Scalar Implicatures (penultimate draft)
(Philosophical Perspectives, 2013)


Worrying about Trivial Questions
(UCL Working Papers in Linguistics, 2013)

Exhaustivity in Questions with Non-Factives
(with Nathan Klinedinst, Natural Language Semantics, 2011)


Expressing Credences (penultimate draft)
(Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 2012)

Indexical Predicates (penultimate draft)
(with Gabriel Segal, Mind & Language, 2009)


The Elusive Scope of Descriptions (penultimate draft)
(Philosophy Compass, 2007)

Presuppositions and Scope (penultimate draft)
(Journal of Philosophy, 2007)


Dynamic Conditionals (2015, handout on the dynamic test semantics for conditionals for a workshop on conditionals in Osnabrük)

Weak Belief and Pragmatics (2015, handout for a talk at the UCL Pragmatics Reading Group)

Fabian Truthmaking (2015, paper for circulation at a symposium on themes from Yablo’s Aboutness)

Quantified Epistemic Modality (2015, handout for Birmingham talk, joint work with Nathan Klinedinst)

Epistemic Contradictions (2014, handout)

Two views of the de re (2014, handout for Leeds talk)

Old draft of Dynamics of Conversation (c. 2012, with Seth Yalcin)

Making Dynamic Semantics Explanatory: Presupposition Projection (2009, old draft, mostly superseded by “Explaining Presupposition with Dynamic Semantics”)

Grice, Utterance Choice, and Rationality (2008, parts superseded by “Game Theory and Scalar Implicatures”)

Negative Polarity and Definite Descriptions (2006, old manuscript)